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A4Tech Bloody TL7 wired gaming mouse


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Main core: Intelligent multiple cores / Button number: 9 buttons + wheel_x000D_
Encoder: High precision laser engine_x000D_
System Supports: Windows XP/Vista/7/8_x000D_
Maximum Resolution100~8,200 CPI adjustable_x000D_
Graphic Capacity: 1080 million pixels/sec_x000D_
Frame speed: 12000 fps, accelerating speed: 30g_x000D_
Tracking speed: 150 inches/sec (ips)_x000D_
Report Rate (USB): 125~1,000Hz/sec (4 selectable level)_x000D_
Key response time: less than 1ms_x000D_
Profile allocable: 3 sets_x000D_
Memory: 160K bits_x000D_
Key Switch life: 20 million times (for left & right buttons)_x000D_
Mouse Feet Wear-Resistance: More than 300 Km_x000D_


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