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SonicGear Evo5 Pro speakers


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• Pro-designed 3-way System using 3 different drivers for greater punch and clarity_x000D_
• Bluetooth, USB, SD-card, FM Radio_x000D_
• Total system power (RMS): 36W_x000D_
• Volume, bass and treble control_x000D_
• Elegant design -looks great with home players_x000D_
• Animated EQ Graphic Display_x000D_
• 1” Tweeter, 2 x 3” Full Range Driver and 4.75” Bass driver_x000D_
• Subwoofer Frequency Response: 55-160Hz_x000D_
• Satellite Frequency Response: 55-160Hz_x000D_
• Subwoofer: 24 Watts_x000D_
• Satellite: 2 x 6 Watts_x000D_
• Total peak power 72W_x000D_
• Pure system power (RMS) 36W_x000D_



Connection Type / Interface

FM Radio


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