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Silicon Power powerbank 10000mah 22.5W



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With Silicon Power’s QP55 power bank, the stress of a dead battery will be a thing of the past. The large capacity 10000mAh battery is able to charge your smartphone or any other compatible device 2-4 times on a single charge. It has 3 USB output ports and 1 USB-C output/input port (PD) with a total output of up to 22.5W. In addition, it is equipped with a digital LED screen to indicate the battery and charges via a Micro USB, USB-C(Type-C) or Lightning port._x000D_
-High capacity, with 10000mAh battery_x000D_
-3x USB output ports & 1x USB-C (Type-C), charge up to 4 devices simultaneously_x000D_
-Input Voltage_x000D_
-Micro USB 5V=2A, 9V=2A_x000D_
-Lightning: 5V=2A, 9V =2A_x000D_
-Type-C 5V=3A, 9V=2A (PD)_x000D_
– Output Voltage_x000D_
-USB1: 5V=2A_x000D_
-USB2: 5V=2.4A_x000D_
-USB3: 5V=4.5A 9V=A 12V=1.5A_x000D_
-TYPE-C 5V=3A, 9V=2.2A, 12V=1.5A (PD)_x000D_
USB1+USB2+USB3+TYPE-C: 5V=3A(MAX)_x000D_
-Supports fast PD, QC3.0 & Super Charge_x000D_
-Digital LED display for battery indicator -3 Micro USB, USB-C (Type-C) & Lightning_x000D_
input ports – smartSENSE, smartFOCUS, smartBOOST & smartSHIELD_x000D_
functions for better performance & greater security._x000D_
-smartSENSE: Recharge technology that maximizes charging speed automatically with almost any device._x000D_
-smartFOCUS: An advanced calibration technology, which stabilizes the voltage throughout the charging process._x000D_
-smartBOOST: A speed-boosting technology that uses advanced high-speed charging rates via PD, QC3.0 or SuperCharge , depending on your device._x000D_
-smartSHIELD: A comprehensive 12-point security cover that ensures full protection for both users and devices.



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