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Casio calculator HL-820VER


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This is the best selling model for those needing a pocket calculator with currency conversions. It is ideal for traveling or keeping in a pocket or handbag and the hard protective case gives added security._x000D_
Technical Details:_x000D_
Extra large 8 digit LCD display_x000D_
Currency Conversion_x000D_
Profit Margin %_x000D_
Manufacturer warranty 2 years_x000D_
Function Command Signs_x000D_
Double Size + Key_x000D_
3 Key Memory_x000D_
3 digit comma marker_x000D_
4 Constants (k)_x000D_
Memory Stored after switch off_x000D_
Battery LR54_x000D_
Rubber Keys_x000D_
Hard Plastic Fold Over protective case_x000D_
Product dimensions (W x L x H): 6.3cm x 10.4cm x 1cm_x000D_
Weight 45g_x000D_
Display Width 4cm_x000D_
Display Height 2cm_x000D_
Auto Power off_x000D_
Manufacturer warranty 2 years




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