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Baseus Bowie H1 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Black


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40dB Noise Cancellation_x000D_
70h Battery Life_x000D_
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation You Got Power to Silence the Noise. The dual-feed active noise cancellation technology combines dual-microphone feedback and feedforward, giving you up to 40dB noise cancellation. Experience silence in the noise._x000D_
Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds Transparency mode gives you the power to control your listening both internally and externally. Enjoy your music while staying alert to the important sounds around you._x000D_
Sound Quality 40mm large drivers deliver 360°stereo, crisp sound that’ll drive you to max. ear pleasure, while expertly balancing high and low frequencies to suit various music genres._x000D_
Cut out Unwanted Noises, Hear Your Voice Only_x000D_
4-mic noise cancellation, actively cuts out ambient sounds by automatically cancelling noises and echo, while keeping your voice audible, for pristine sound quality calls._x000D_
Wireless 5.2 Transmission,_x000D_
Better and Faster Wireless 5.2 offers a galore of “goodies” including lower power consumption, faster transmission speed, stability and audio-video lag reduction for an unforgettable experience._x000D_
0.038s Low Latency for Optimal Gaming Performance[4]_x000D_
Bases Dual-channel Low Latency mode gives you 0.038s low latency, left and right ear sync transmission, and audio-visual sync, for an exhila rating gaming experience._x000D_
Breathtaking Design, Sound So Divine Powder metallurgy metal headband with a non-plasticky head-turning posh appearance, for you to enjoy stunning sound, while adding some swag to your style.





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